About us

We are an animal nutritional and consultancy company focused on the transition period of dairy cows.

From the beginning of the dry period to the first 60-80 days after calving.


We give free advice how to manage the transition period of the dairy cow. From the beginning of the dry period until the first 60-80 days after calving. In addition to giving advice, we also proide tailor-made rations. Every farm is unique and requires its own specific ration.

In addition, we sell products that stimulate the dry period and the start-up. With Bio-Chlor and GluNergy we have high quality products in our range that contribute to an improved transition period.

Already 70 years of experience

in the agricultural sector, because TheTransitionCompany is part of VisscherHolland. We know what is going on in the market, but we are also innovative. Always looking for the best. Independent, driven and looking at the needs of the dairy cow.

A well performing dairy cow, that is what we are working for.

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